Developing highly prospective helium acreage throughout Asia Pacific

Leading Helium Explorers

Our focus is to explore, develop and commercialise the discoveries of Helium creating an Asian and International market leader.

Peak Helium holds a highly prospective Helium permit in the Northern Territory of Australia, surrounded by some of the highest concentration of proven Helium discoveries on the planet.

The Company holds 100% of this permit and has exclusive rights to develop the assets.

Peak Helium believes in developing a safe, clean and environmentally focussed future.

“Peak Helium’s EP134 asset in Australia’s Northern Territory has the potential to contain a significant helium accumulation.

The area has similar geological characteristics to those already proven in the adjacent discoveries at Mount Kitty 1and Magee 1, which contain some of the highest concentrations of Helium found globally.”

Prof. John Gluyas
Helium Expert & Executive

Director Durham Energy Institute

“Peak Helium have identified in their asset key geological components for helium gas accumulation.

The gas makeup in nearby helium-rich wells has geochemical characteristics similar to a deep, and therefore substantive, helium source.”

Prof. Chris Ballentine
Head of Earth Sciences & Noble Gas Research Lab
Oxford University